What Are The Types Of Hair Extensions?

There are different types of hair extension in the market and it is easy to be confuse when you are trying to buy what you want and what are the types that suits your hair the best. To make it easy for you here are some of the types that are available.

Weave Extensions

This is used in a quite different way than other types. The natural hair is braided or ‘weaved’ and the artificial extensions are attached to these braids using a needle and a thread. This is a type that is a little harder to disguise and is the ideal for those who have thick locks. However, the advantage of this type is the ability to use it by many people whether they have straight, curly or wavy hair. Make sure to not strain your strands when you are trying to fix them. The application of this type take generally a long time. This method is usually applied by an experienced stylist so if you want to try this try out a place like Ibiza Hair extensions.


Micro-beads, micro-link or micro-loop are used by looping them through natural hair, and clamping it down with a pair of pliers and metal beads. One of the disadvantages of this type is they tend to move up and down the hair shaft which can be slightly annoying. But if you don’t mind that, or don’t mind moving them up or down, this feature can be quite useful. However, these are also known to cause a little hair damage, especially when regularly used. This is due to the heat from the metal beads or metal rings. When removing these you need to be very careful to not pull too tight or it can do damage to the natural hair strands.

Tape Extensions

This is one of the easiest types to apply. They are semi-permanent and can be used by taping them together with your natural hair. You can use these up to six to twelve weeks and maintaining them is very easy as well. If their quality is good, you can even try reusing them. Remember to use products that are less harsh because harsher shampoos or conditioner can affect the glue that is holding the artificial strands together. But they can be a little annoying if you want to have an up do. These come as pre-taped extensions and can be glued or taped together with your natural locks.


Fusion or pre-bonded is one of the most popular types and they can be applied in the most discreet manner so that it would look natural. They use different type of adhesives for the application including keratin and glue. Applying this type will however take a fair amount of time, usually for four or more hours and this needs to be applied by an expert as well. When treating these, you can use the same products you generally use. These are considered semi-permanent and can be used up to four months.

And now you have enough knowledge about extension you can finally choose the one you need for you. For more advice, you can contact your salon and asked for recommendations as well.

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