How To Bring Out Your Inner Fashionista At Your Prom Night

Looking like a fashion icon is pretty much every high school girl’s dream, at least on their prom night. Looking glam on your prom is quite important because that’s one memory you’ll be having for a long time. Even if your prom photo looks pretty messed up, your mom will definitely frame it and keep it somewhere in the house where everyone can see it. Although prom is the highlight of a girl’s school life, it can also be the most stressful event in the school calendar. So here are five essential tips that would make you look like the ultimate fashion queen.

Do Wax Yourselves At Least Two Days In Advance

Well, this is more important than it sounds. No girl wants to look like a bear with unruly hair on their prom night. Nor do they want to look like they are stung by a swarm of bees as you might develop redness as a reaction for waxing. Therefore, ensure that you make your waxing appointments at least a few days prior depending on the rate that your hair grows. It’s quite essential to know about your bodily reactions and changes to present yourself without a hitch on major events such as these.

Do Not Make Any Changes In Your Beauty Routine

Ladies, you can experiment on any cream or lotion you want, but the weeks leading up to your prom is certainly not the time for that. Prevent yourself from going haywire with that new pimple cream as it might cause an allergic reaction and leave your skin irritated on the day of the prom. You wouldn’t want to wear layers and layers of heavy makeup to cover up those marks now, would you?

Invest In A Reasonable Yet Stylish Dress

You should purchase a dress after selecting a colour that compliments your skin tone. For example, you shouldn’t go for a blue dress if you’re a dark-skinned girl. A reddish gown or a shimmery gold dress would complement your skin much better. If you’re a stylish gal from Sydney or its suburbs, you can always get a dress custom-tailored from a place like You can expect to get your gown after 3 to 6 months from the initial fitting. The simpler your dress is, the quicker you may be able to get it Anyway, if you’re thinking of getting of getting a custom-tailored gown, you need to plan ahead since you won’t be able to pull off something like this in a few weeks.

Less Is More

Always keep in mind that more makeup does not mean that you look more attractive. It’s actually the opposite. Nowadays, most girls use makeup to enhance their beauty instead of trying to give themselves a whole new look. Use just the right amount of beauty products to provide you with that chic, elegant look.

So there you go girls. The days leading to your prom do not have to be stressful if you put the time and effort to plan it all out beforehand. And one more thing! Don’t forget to decorate that face of yours with a smile! It’s a step that goes a long way in making you look more attractive- and appealing!

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