How Beautiful Are You? Ask Your Skin!

Coco Chanel, a French designer and the founder of the Chanel brand is quoted as saying, “Nature provides you the appearance you have at twenty.  Life forms the appearance you have at thirty.  But at fifty you change to the appearance you deserve.”

The first thing a person looks at when they say ‘hi’ to you for the first time, is your face.  One of the first thing that stares at the eye is a flawed skin.  On the other hand, a flawless, beautiful skin either complements your beautiful features or overshadows the not so extraordinary features of your face.  This is because your skin is the most apparent aspect of your physical appearance.

How can you preserve and protect your beautiful skin that nature has blessed you with at twenty?  Here are some guidelines:

Treating Damaged Skin Or Aged Skin

For early signs of ageing, treatments that use retinoids, vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids may be good enough.  For moderate to severe facial sun damage, dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, or ultrasound energy devices may be a choice.  Deeper beauty treatment appearances may be treated with  fillers or botulinum toxin, together with hyaluronic acid injections, your own fat and Gore-Tex implants.

Another option is surgical procedure such as brow lift, facelift or cosmetic surgical treatment on the eyelids.  Most of the expert skin tightening practice servicing Sydney can help you decide which one to choose to best suit your goals, options, costs and benefits.  It is important to consider possible risks before committing to any of these options.

Understanding The Natural Enemies Of Your Skin And Controlling Them

Understanding the natural enemies of your skin is the first step to abolish them from the life of your skin!  Here are some ways to identify and control these enemies.

·         Smoking – Gives a grey colour to your complexion, puckering around the mouth and fine squinty creases around your eyes.  Stops collagen formation.  Therefore, quit smoking.

·         Pollution – Leads to greying of your complexion.  Gentle washing helps to remove pollution.

·         Dry air – Leads to parched skin.  A facial moisturizer traps water in your skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

·         Excessive pulling on the skin – Pulling on the skin while applying makeup products leads to sagging skin and accelerates skin ageing.  Cleansing your skin gently can help reduce these lines.

·         Abusive exfoliation / overzealous cleansing – Exfoliating your skin while cleansing with rough substances will irritate your skin and makes your skin look older.  Go soft on your skin!

·         Alcohol – Dehydrates you from inside out.   Drink less alcoholic beverages.

·         Drugs – May cause sensitivity to sunlight, dryness, blotchiness or even mild acne.  Don’t do drugs!

·         Constipation – Toxins that have built up due to faulty elimination system escapes through your skin.  Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and fibre-rich food to improve the system.

·         Sunlight – Excessive exposure leads to dry, wrinkled, leathery, blotchy, prematurely aged skin.  Skin cancer is a possibility. 

Protection from sunlight can be sought by seeking shade, covering up with clothing and using sunscreen that is broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher and water-resistant.  Apply self-tanner rather than get a tan. 

·         Poor diet – Diet of junk food, fried food etc. causes many blemishes to your skin.  Studies recommend that a diet containing lots of sugar or other refined carbohydrates can quicken getting old.

A healthy well-balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables may help prevent premature skin ageing.

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