Fleece, Down Or Wool: Which Material Is The Best Mid-Layer?

Preparing warm clothing is essential days or even weeks before winter arrives. Of course, you’ll have your sweaters, skinny jeans and boots ready for a winter day out. However, your winter outfit is never complete without a coat or jacket as an outer layer especially during freezing temperatures. This garment is almost an essential especially when you’re on the go or an outdoorsy type of person.

Jackets and coats are made from different materials and each of them provides different levels of warmth and comfort. There are actually three materials commonly used as mid-layering for jackets: fleece, down and wool. Read along to know how they differ from each other and see which fits your needs best.


Jackets made from fleece are soft and warm to the skin. They are really comfortable to wear when you simply want to keep warm. The most common type used in jackets is the Polar Fleece which is really a durable material. Since fleece is breathable and                 isn’t water resistant, it is not ideal for use during wet and windy weather conditions. Fleece jackets are perfect for use on regular chilly days since it provides great amount of insulation. It is also great for active people who perspire a lot because of its moisture management properties that wick sweat away from the skin keeping you dry.


Compared to fleece, down has better heat and insulation properties making it a perfect material on jackets for outdoor enthusiasts. It may look thick but it is actually a lightweight material making it handy for outdoor trips. It requires special care but surely lasts long if well taken care of. Just like fleece, down loses its efficiency in retaining heat and insulation when it is wet. Down layered jacket is recommended for people who are not doing strenuous activities or simply needs insulation while taking a stroll or any relaxed activities. You don’t have to worry about being fashionable since there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from to stay in style.


Wool is commonly used as a base layer for jackets because it is soft and comfortable to touch. However, it is still one of the best mid-layers for jacket because of it quality insulating properties.

Unlike the previous two materials, wool is a lot heavier but you won’t regret the warmth and comfort it brings when worn. It has anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties so it doesn’t require frequent cleaning or washing. Even if it gets wet, it can still keep warmth inside. Wool jackets are popular among backpackers or travellers since it can be used multiple times without smelling bad. You can even pack a single wool jacket for the whole trip to keep your baggage light.

There are so many jacket layering materials to choose from and or choice greatly depends on your comfort, preference and activities you will be doing. With this simple guide, you’ll have a clue which one would be best for your needs.

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